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  • How far in advance should we book your service?
    This will depend upon the date requested. Several clients prefer to contract at least a year or more in advance, while a number of clients are content with waiting until several months in advance. Please note, waiting too long to hire a DJ (especially for a Saturday night) may restrict your options, availability and can lead to dissatisfaction.
  • What are your rates?
    Our rates fluctuate depending upon many things including, the date, time requested, location, package chosen, your specific needs as well as other variables that can impact the final rate. Wedding Packages: Bronze Package $800 / 5 hours - 2 Premium loud speakers - dance floor party lighting - music requests - wireless microphone - set up and breakdown cost included - deposit $300 - additional $50 per hour after the fifth hour Silver Package - $950 / 5 hours - save $50 - includes Bronze Package - 10 up lights - deposit $300 - additional $50 per hour after the fifth hour Gold Package - $1200 / 6 hours - save $80 - includes Bronze Package - 14 up lights - Additional MC - deposit $400 Event Packages: Basic Package - $400 / 3 hours - 2 loudspeakers on stands - dance floor party lighting - deposit $250 - additional $50 per hour after 3 hours Feel the Base package - $500 / 4 hours - save $50 - 2 loudspeakers on stands - Dance floor party lighting - Subwoofer - additional $50 per hour after 4 hours $1 per mile fee when traveling 30 miles outside the Detroit area Deposits are nonrefundable Final balance due no later than the day before event
  • Do you charge for travel
    Travel charges are based upon the location, which is in part why we can customize packages for each client. Normally we do not charge travel for events 35 miles within the metro Detroit area. Beyond that, $.75 per mile outside the metro area would apply.
  • Can we choose the music?
    Please do! After all.. It’s your party! For sure, we would gladly make suggestions of course, but nevertheless, you have total control over the music that is played at your event. Some of our clients choose most of the songs to be played; as well as, we have some clients who leave the song choices entirely up to us, and everything in between.
  • Do you have current music?
    We regularly update our music library weekly to make sure we have the most current music. If you have specific songs or artists you want played at your event, please be sure to let us know.
  • What happens if you don't have a song we want, can we bring our own CDs or MP3 Player?"
    Odds are we will have the music you are looking for. Several of our clients bring their own CDs, Flash Drives or MP3′s for any unfamiliar songs they may think we would not have. We are happy to play any music you wish to provide on top of our normal library of music choices. If there is a special song you need that neither of us has, we will attempt and try our best to locate and retrieve that song for you. We cannot promise that a particular song is available, although we seldom come across a client request that we cannot satisfy.
  • Can we observe an event?
    We typically prefer not to send future clients to another client’s event. Besides the likely disruption to our client, and also due to the fact that most events have a guest list, there is also a great probability that the event you visit will not likely be what you are looking for at your event. But if called for, we will accommodate your request to observe an event as long as it’s approved with the guest of honor of the event.
  • When do we need to complete our song selections and formalities page?
    We suggest that you return your planner to us at least two weeks prior to your event, sooner if possible. In doing so, it will give us ample time to look for specific songs requests and to help us make sure we have all of the music you request.
  • Will your DJ help with announcements?
    Will your DJ help with announcements? Centainly! Our DJs are prepared, equipped and happy to make announcements and to help organize activities at your event. We plan these activities and announcements with you ahead of time so there are no surprises or dissatisfaction at your event.
  • What do your DJs wear?
    Depending on the event, our DJ’s attire will be most appropriate for the occasion. For example: for weddings and formal occasions the DJ will be in semi formal attire and will try to coordinate with the wedding colors. For more casual events our DJ’s will be in casual attire. But the DJ will NEVER be underdressed for the occasion.
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
    We use advanced, professional quality sound equipment. We have wireless microphones, high quality sound systems, concert grade lighting, and most recent digital equipment to cater your event needs.
  • What time will your DJ arrive
    Usually, your DJs arrive at least an hour to two hours before start time for a standard setup. Our sound systems usually take 30 to 40 minutes to set up but we prefer to arrive extra early just in case. However, depending on the services selected we may arrive much earlier to ensure we have enough time to be set up and prepared before your guests arrive. Please let us know if you have special needs, time restraints or loading arrangements that our DJ’s may need to be aware of prior to arriving to set up.
  • What do you need the facility to provide for you?
    We only require an electrical outlet,(more than one if possible), and a 5 to 6 foot table. If you need us to bring a table please let us know in advance.
  • Do you need to see the room you’ll be working in before the day of my event?
    Generally No. We have worked in every imaginable situation over time, and we can make practically any room or are usable. Again, please let us know if you have special requests.
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